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Don't            How to get started with social media and blogging            How to get started with social media and blogging
I know – all of those marketing pieces can seem overwhelming. And until you get a handle on them all, it’s at-wit’s-end frustrating. Because you know you’re not bringing your business to its true potential unless you’re effectively reaching your audience.
And you know that in order to really connect with your community, you need to engage them.

You Need...
* Genuine Communication
* Neat Newsletters
* Saavy Social Media

Because your community wants to engage with you.

You know the best way to sell your offerings isn’t by being a slimy salesperson, but through forming genuine connections with your community.

That’s exactly why I created Whirlgig Social: to help you communicate with your audience to create genuine connections for a smooth sales process.

Find out what to focus on when it comes to promoting your products & services online and learn the most important business blogging tips to implement so that you can spend more time doing what you love, without spending all your time working on your business:


Great evening with Tazim Damji learning about Social Media. She really knows her stuff! SO much to know, so little time ! Need someone to DO it for you ....connect with her, she will make the process seem effortless ! - Tazeem Jamal

Tazim's gift as an instructor is her ability to respond to what happens in the moment 'in the classroom' and allowing the class members to learn & grow from that. I feel fully satisfied with what I learned and I appreciated having the opportunity to focus on learning a new social media platform. Tazim Damji is very patient!! - Carla Whippy

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